Far Cry Primal Giveaway: Websites Are Giving the Game For Free

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If you want to get a chance to win a copy of Ubisoft?s latest game, Far Cry Primal, you?re in luck as a number of websites are currently running different raffles. Here?s a list of sites and which platform the giveaway is for.

Far Cry Primal Giveaway

Cinelinx ? Xbox One Digital Copy

VpDaily ? Playstation 4 Digital Copy

ManofMany ? Three Playstation 4 Physical Copies

Far Cry Primal takes the classic gameplay and intense action the series is known for and transports it into the Stone Age. Despite the change in time period, the game?s signature mix of exotic locales, open world exploration, and deadly wildlife remains intact. The official description reads:

You will play as Takkar, a seasoned hunter and the last surviving member of your group. You have one goal: survival in a world where you are the prey. Grow your tribe and hone your skills to lead your people, conquer the land of Oros, and become the apex predator. Encounter a cast of memorable characters who can help push back the dangers of the wild. Face enemy tribes who will do anything to eradicate you and your allies.

To succeed in your quest, you?ll need to tame the many wild beasts that populate the wilderness of Oros.

?Oros teems with life, ranging from large herds of deer and vicious packs of dire-wolves to warring enemy tribes. It is ruled by megafauna such as sabretooth tigers and woolly mammoths, giant animals that dominated the Earth in the Stone Age and were feared by every other living being.? Reads the game?s website.

Far Cry Primal releases on Feb. 23 on Playstation 4 and Xbox One and Mar. 1 on Windows. Are you looking forward to the game? Let us know in the comments below.


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