Far Cry Primal Announced: All You Need To Know

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Ubisoft has revealed the newest chapter to the Far Cry game, and it?s going back to the Stone Age.

Yep, Far Cry is going to the Stone Age period, a first for the Far Cry series, this period would be right after the Ice Age, so no dinosaurs here. Ubisoft has announced the new game on their recent livestream showing a cave painting and viewers were confused on the livestream as it kept on showing a cave painting scene for five hours.

Kotaku received sources that the announcement will be for the latest Far Cry game and it will be taking place after the Ice Age. It was then supported by the leak post from IGN Turkey where it revealed Far Cry Primal. Then it was official confirmed by Ubisoft that it was indeed Far Cry Primal and the prehistoric premise is in fact true, they now then showed the latest reveal trailer for the game to give an idea on what to expect.

Far Cry Primal will be no guns, jeeps and other modern weapons and it will be more on crafting your own weapon from the animals you hunted and you will have to rely more on surviving. You take on the role of Takkar, one of the hunters trying to survive in the land of Oros. Takkar has to survive from the harsh elements of the outside world while he hunts for wooly mammoths, avoiding deadly creatures like the saber-toothed tiger and even from the hostile warring tribes.

While it will be a refreshing take on the Far Cry series, no other details were shown from the trailers, we will be able to get more details soon but the release date for Far Cry Primal has been confirmed and it will be on February 2016 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, most likely they will be halting port releases for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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