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Far Cry 5: What Fans Want

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Far Cry 5

Ubisoft is the founding father of many amazing franchises including Assassin?s Creed, Tom Clancy series of games, and of course, Far Cry. The last entry in the Far Cry series didn?t sit well with fans and it had more controversy than appeal. Since Ubisoft isn?t calling an end to the successful franchise for now, we might be seeing Far Cry 5 sometime soon. Here?s what fans want for the next game.

Bigger And More Diverse World

Aside from Far Cry Primal?s open-world, Ubisoft is yet to create a Far Cry world that doesn?t satisfy fans. Far Cry 4?s Kyrat was huge and filled with sights to see. Far Cry 3 was also a good open-world, sprawling with wildlife and other dangers. What these worlds have in common though is that they all lack diversity. Kyrat did have a separate area that?s snowy, but aside from that, everything else feels the same. We?re wishing for a diverse open-world like the one promised for Tom Clancy?s Ghost Recon Wildlands.

Great Standalone Expansion

Ubisoft expanded upon Far Cry 3 by releasing a standalone expansion called Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. The game was a few hours long and it was a completely different experience from Far Cry 3. The game was received well by fans and since then, players have been looking for another amazing Far Cry standalone expansion experience. Hopefully, the upcoming Far Cry 5 delivers.

Amazing Villains

What makes the Far Cry games so riveting are the cast of villains that are both frightening and spontaneous. Vaas Montenegro is still definitely fresh in our minds. The villain of Far Cry 5 should be nothing short of terrifying. We don?t know the exact premise of Far Cry 5 just yet, but whatever it is, the game should be backed up by a really memorable antagonist.

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