Far Cry 5 And Next Assassin’s Creed Games To Have Non-Linear Story?

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Far Cry 5

Recently, Ubisoft?s Serge Hascoet revealed in an interview that he wants a game where players aren?t bound by the story. Hascoet wants the player to choose his own story and set his own goals in the game world. Potentially, the next Far Cry 5, Assassin?s Creed game or any upcoming Ubisoft game could have a non-linear story similar to Bethesda?s open-world sandbox games. Here?s what we know so far about Ubisoft?s potential plans.

Hascoet Interview

According to LuckyBide?s thread on the official Ubisoft forums, fans translated Ubisoft veteran Serge Hascoet?s French interview with Le Monde. Hascoet talked about how he wants players to not be bound by the story and create the story themselves. In design, it?s possible that Hascoet wants to make a game have a non-linear story like Bethesda?s The Elder Scrolls and Fallout series. Alternatively, NeoGAF?discussed that Hascoet could be explaining some sort of ?emergent story? system in the works. It?s possible that the next Far Cry 5 or Ubisoft game will be an open-world sandbox game.

Ubisoft Games so far

Ubisoft has a fair share of its open-world games like Far Cry and Assassin?s Creed, but these series do tie players to a story. Most Far Cry and Assassin?s Creed playable protagonists often have a one-track objective regardless if their game has multiple endings. Players can sidetrack themselves by doing side missions or collectible hunts for upgrades, not for different story paths. However, these games have ?Story Quests? which the player will have to eventually face in order to progress and experience more of the game?s content. According to MobyGames, Hascoet mostly worked on Ubisoft?s large franchises as Chief Creative Officer. We can only hope that Far Cry 5 or the next Ubisoft game does break its shell and become an interesting game in its series.

Casual Game?

Despite Hascoet?s interest in making a game where players choose their own stories, he said an interesting quip that could potentially mean a casual game. According to megalex9?s translation, he wants to create worlds where even his mother could enjoy the game?s systems like driving a boat, helicopter or motorbike. Potentially, Hascoet may plan to have an open-world game where players can casually enjoy the experience.

An open-world non-linear game that?s catered to casual players are unusual outside social interaction MMOs. Most open-world games cater to its casual fans through its fun powers or activities you can do in the game. Potentially, Ubisoft could be treading some experimental genre if they follow Hascoet?s idea. Stay tuned for more Far Cry 5 news here on The BitBag.

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