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Far Cry 5 Livestream: Where To Catch The Reveal And What To Expect

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Far Cry 5 Livestream Is Coming Soon
The Concept Art For Far Cry 5 [Image Courtesy Of Ubisoft]

Ubisoft recently unveiled the next entry in the Far Cry series which is going to be set in Hope County, Montana. The reveals from Ubisoft are fairly exciting but we’ve yet to see the game in action. That’s all going to change soon as the developer is finally going to reveal the game soon. Here’s where to catch the Far Cry 5 livestream reveal and what to expect from it.

Far Cry 5 Livestream Details

Ubisoft is going to unveil the upcoming title with the help of IGN. The Far Cry 5 livestream will be held on May 27 at 5:45am PT (8:45am ET / 1:45pm BST / May 27 at 10:45pm AEST). Both Ubisoft and IGN have yet to detail what the livestream will be about but there’s a chance that excited fans could see more of the game on the set date.

What To Expect

It’s very likely that Ubisoft will reveal the premise of the anticipated title. The developer recently released a concept art for Far Cry 5 which was made in the style of The Last Supper. The image sparked the Far Cry community as the game could have a rather controversial plot and setting.

Set in Hope County, Montana, players are speculating that the upcoming title will have a religious cult theme to it. While the past titles have had radical themes already, a religious cult approach in an American setting is new for the series.

Aside from the interesting premise, fans are most likely looking for some gameplay footage of the upcoming title. Past titles have provided shooter fans with intense gunfights and an array of ways to take care of enemies. Fans are hoping to see the same frantic shooter mechanics and hopefully, it comes with a twist, but Ubisoft shouldn’t stray too far from the formula it has introduced to the franchise.

Another aspect of the game that fans would want to see is how Ubisoft would execute the game’s open-world. The setting for Far Cry 5 is quite unique as well as the game will be set in a not so isolated setting. Far Cry 4 was set in the mountains of Kyrat, and Far Cry 3 was set in an isolated island between the Indian and Pacific Ocean.

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