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Far Cry 5: What It Could Learn From Past Titles

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Far Cry 5
The Main Villain In Far Cry 5, The Father [Image Captured From Far Cry 5 Trailer]

Ubisoft is going to take a big leap in the next Far Cry game as this time around, the game will be set in America. Many are excited to see how Ubisoft will execute the game’s somewhat controversial storyline and we’ll have to wait a while since the game will launch in February next year. Still, the hype behind Far Cry 5 is strong.

Ubisoft’s Far Cry series is a renowned RPG-shooter that fans have come to love with almost each entry. Aside from Far Cry Primal, Ubisoft always puts on a show whenever a new title comes out. For Far Cry 5, we’re certain that the developer and the game has a few things to learn from the past titles.

No Recycling

One of the gaming controversies of 2016 was Far Cry Primal. Ubisoft priced the game like a full game and fans later on discovered that the map was recycled from Far Cry 4’s Kyrat. The game was still a decent title but fans were definitely not happy with the route Ubisoft took.

Ubisoft should’ve learned from the Far Cry Primal mishap when it comes to recycling content. It’s almost certain that Ubisoft won’t repeat the same mistake when it comes to Far Cry 5, unless it wants to be at the center of another controversy yet again.

The Villain Is Key

The past titles have had a few things in common, the best of which is having a memorable villain. Vaas Montenegro for example, despite not being the major villain in Far Cry 3, stole the show and has become one of the most popular villains to date. And in Far Cry 4, players were eager to go head to head with the cunning Pagan Min.

Joseph “The Father” Seed from Far Cry 5 is already turning heads as early this point in the game’s development cycle. It looks like Ubisoft is once again creating a memorable villain and many are looking to see if The Father can outdo Vaas.

A Separate Experience

In Far Cry 4, players can partake in a separate story outside the main campaign. Parts of the game takes place in Shangri-La, which is far more different from Kyrat. Even more amazing is that the feature focused more on stealth rather than running and gunning enemies. It also allowed players to command an animal to attack foes.

Seeing as these features made its way into Far Cry Primal, Ubisoft should consider adding another unique experience in Far Cry 5. Having a separate experience from the main campaign would make the game varied while giving players more hours of fun. 

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