‘Far Cry 4’ Release Date Revealed

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Rumors revolving the next Far Cry game ?Far Cry 4? had been leaked. Ubisoft seems to have switched the game?s settings entirely different from the tropical-esque feel of the previous games to the mountains of Himalayas.

However, major game mechanics will still stick to the game, like it being open-world and will feature rich graphical prowess. Additional features like hunting for local animals and getting to ride some will make their way into the game as well. The gameplay elements, however, will be pretty similar with its predecessor ?Far Cry 3? ?as the player will still have the task to liberate a number of outposts in the game?s open world. There?s even a Twitter post from Superannuatation addressing that the name game might even include monsters. In the mountain of Himalayas, what else could you expect? Yetis? More or less. We?ll see.

Far Cry 4 will probably make its way into E3 2014. Ubisoft made their appearances in Sony and Microsoft conferences way back and if they do this year, Far Cry 4 would most like be their main attraction.

The release date of Far Cry 4 would also be most likely to be in March 31, 2015 is this is the usual targeted release date for games like this for Ubisoft. (Adding that it is also the end of 2014?s fiscal year).

The development for Far Cry 4 must have already started along with Ubisofts work on ?Far Cry 3:Blood Dragon? which was out in early 2013. This means that the development span for Far Cry 4 would be more or less, 2 years and we can expect great things from Ubisoft even with a short period of time given for developing already existing and popular games.

The game will be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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