Far Cry 4: Experience Next-Generation Gaming in All Platforms

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With all the talk that has been circulating around gaming communities about the upcoming release of one of Ubisoft?s most promising installment to the Far Cry franchise, Far Cry 4, people have been wondering what platform it will run the best on.

Ubisoft published the trailers earlier this month and a lot of gamers say?that it probably is the best-looking, high-end game that has been made as of today. But ?always, the disappointment that any other patron of Next-Gen games has is that, Will it run smoothly with the consoles available in the market today?

Sony?s Playstation 4 and Microsoft?s Xbox1 have been competing for some time now as both are the leading gaming consoles in the market. Both console?s graphic processing units are based on the same GCN (Graphic Core Next) that favors AMD Radeon Graphics cards. With the promise of enhanced graphics processing, Far Cry 4 will run smoothly on both consoles.

PC gamers are often left as the last ones to take the spoils, but according to the creative director of Ubisoft Montreal, Alex Hutchinson, ?Because we developed (Far Cry 4) on PC, you’ve never really seen on console the ultra-high PC version before?. Although he never mentioned anything specific with regards to the resolution or other factors that enhance video such as anti-aliasing and generally the image quality, he promised that gamers will observe the same gameplay on all platforms even faced with technical differences and such.

Modern PC?s today are often much powerful compared to both ?next-gen consoles given the fact that improvement of processing units, graphics cards and pretty much every component of PC?s are built to take whatever punishment New-Gen games can give.

As Alex Hutchinson?s last statement assures PC gamers that Far Cry 4 will look the same as Xbox1 and PS4 on PC in ultra-high graphics settings and this will be the thing that PC gamers will hold on to until such time the game will be released. Developers may say anything that would make it reassuring, but still, the judgment depends solely during the release date, whether the franchise will be still on the top, or a flop.

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