‘Fantasy Life’: Sims, Harvest Moon and Final Fantasy in One Game

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Nintendo?s 3DS introduces us to a nice variety of innovative games and we?ve seen it all. From shooters, RPG games, fighters, simulators, etc., but nothing looks and feels like Fantasy Life. As the game?s promotions suggests, you can ?Play how you want? and you will.

In a nutshell, Level 5?s Fantasy Life game for the Nintendo 3DS is a possible lovechild of games like Sims, Harvest Moon, Monster Hunter, Cooking Mama, Zelda and possibly, more. You, indeed, can play the game ?in any way you like. You can become an Adventurer, or a Hunter, and travel places, and become a hero, or you could choose to become somebody who isn?t going to do any form of battle at all, like a Chef, for one.

The game was originally released in Japan back in 2012, and to no surprise, it did very well. Fortunately, people from outside Japan would be able to experience how life is in the game Fantasy Life, as it is hitting US games stores and eShops on October 24.

The game?s concept is pretty simple. You have 12 ?Lives? (or jobs for a more traditional term) to choose from. These lives are divided into three sections, namely ? combat, gathering, and creation. There is the main story arc that you can follow and ?beat?, but each of these lives have their own sub-story that you can tackle anytime you want, and you can conveniently switch from one life to another. Not to worry though, as each of the jobs or lives can engage in combat. Some may have the upper hand, especially ones tailored fit to do the fighting, while some may need a bit of unconventional approach. In a sense, you can definitely play the way you want to.

By trying and doing all possible jobs that you can get into, you can get the most out of the game. Imagine a Hunter who creates his own weapon, by being a Blacksmith, and also being able to create clothes and stuff.

Another neat feature about the game is the player?s choices. You will never end up with the same story path as with any of your friends because you?re thrown plenty of choices.

Combat is easier than most games, but then again, this isn?t the main focus of the game, and it?s just a tiny portion of what this big game has to offer.

All and all, the game Fantasy Life would be something that is easy to pick up and hard to put down.

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