?Fantastic Four? Script Leaked: 4-Page Screenplay Shows Different, More Exciting Movie, Fox To Push Fantastic Four 2?

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An unseen Fantastic Four movie screenplay was leaked by Chronicle screenwriter Max Landis, letting viewers glimpse at 4 pages of his work which shows a more thrilling introduction to the flop movie which opened recently.

The unused screenplay shows an engaging start as the FBI, which is described to look as if ?they?re going to war?, corners Reed Richards? Family Farm. ?The script reveals that the heroes are getting raided by the FBI as they attempt to foil the their plans to blast-off into space with the help of a ?heavily modified 1968 Corvair Ultra Van? made by Richards. This event eventually leads them to obtain their powers.

The script forgoes character introduction in exchange for a thrilling start, Collider reported. We may not know if Landis intends to introduce long or continual flashbacks for this screenplay, but we do know that this intro would definitely be more intriguing than the one shown in theaters.

Here are all the four pages released by Landis:

The script was released by Landis to celebrate the debut of the Fantastic Four film, Comicbook reported. It wasn?t disclosed if he was hired by Fox to write this script.

Fantastic Four 2?

The Fantastic Four sequel is still being produced by Fox despite the reboot being a flop, Hitfix reported.

The film is said to be moved from its original release date on June 9, 2017 which may mean that there is still enough space for a Deadpool 2 movie to fill the superhero void.

Fantastic Four 2, as it is a sequel, will have to confine to the story and character sketches done by director Josh Trank, a difficult endeavor for whoever will be directing it, Hitfix said.

?The next filmmaker in is going to start from a difficult position, and they?re going to have to work hard to create their own movie while starting with some of Trank?s choice intact,? the reporter from Hitfix said.

Cinemablend however says the director can still make the sequel a good film because there was a non-existent character development in the film and they can still flesh-out the characters in the sequel.

Numerous fascinating deleted scenes may also be salvaged for Fantastic Four 2.

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