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?Fantastic Four Movie’ Deleted Scenes: Action-packed Scenes Were Cut, Showed Different Character Sketch, Awesome Finale Also Scrapped!

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Fantastic Four bombed at the box office and it might have been because of numerous deleted scenes done due to creative differences between the directors and 20th Century Fox.

Writer for several publications, Dave Gonzales, tweeted all the cut scenes from the trailers:

Fantastic Four Movie Deleted Scenes


Even the most action packed scenes were removed. The cool looking finale from Thing that ends the trailer was also a no-show in the film.




According to Collider, the photo below should have been the original ending which shows a more serene moment among the superheroes.


Director Josh Trank has cited creative differences resulting in a lot of scenes being removed. He also says that this divide is the reason why the film is rebuked by critics and is currently flopping at theaters.??A year ago I had a fantastic version of this. And it would?ve received great reviews. You?ll probably never see it. That?s reality though,? Josh Trank said.

According to ScreenCrush, the character sketch has ?undergone radical changes?, ?big scenes? have been cut, and many things announced before have been scrapped.

More backstories and maybe a more emotional narrative might have been supposed to drive the story forward as referenced by these cut scenes.




Even the movie Poster of Fantastic Four itself does not reference any event that happens in the movie, Slashfilm reported. Does this mean that numerous scenes and battles in New York City were removed?

A Fantasticar was also supposed to be shown in the movie as referenced by this B-roll footage,?Comicbookresources?reported. You can watch the scene below.

We may never know how much scenes were actually cut from the film aside from the ones already shown on trailers. The deleted scenes from trailers alone however already show that too many scenes have been removed.

It is hard for a director to pursue a movie if he is unable to execute his intended vision, a reason why numerous directors have dropped from big Marvel/Disney films. Some of the many Marvel Directors who dropped from blockbuster films due to creative differences includes Edgar Wright (Ant-Man) and Ava DuVernay (Black Panther).

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