Fantastic! Fantastic Four Trailer Released

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Fantastic Four Trailer released
The Fantastic Four trailer wowed audience at the 2015 Comic Con

Following the footsteps of Warner Brothers with Suicide Squad, 20th Century Fox also released the full trailer of Fantastic Four ? a clip that was also supposed to be released exclusively for the audience of the San Diego Comic Con.

Though it didn?t create much hype compared to the DC presentation, the trailer still got some Marvel fans excited. There have been some Fantastic 4 movies before this, which we?ll call ?the days before a hotter Chris Evans because of Captain America,? but the biggest come-on is the fact that this is another ?origins? movie ? this time trying to trace the foundations of Marvel?s First Family.

Fantastic Four trailer released is fantastic!

So first for the good parts. The visuals were undoubtedly, very cool, although it did have a general feel to the whole thing and fans can?t seem to grasp anything from it plot-wise.

The cast choice was quite surprising, but we think it has great potential. Leading the pack is Divergent?s Miles Teller as Mr. Fantastic, who looked really good with the grey sideburns. Kate Mara, who plays The Invisible Woman, is the most sultry Susan Storm if you ask us (yes, even compared to Jessica Alba), as she brings a darker, more mysterious appeal to her character.

There?s not much material for us to see if Jamie Bell will work as the rocky The Thing, so we?ll have to wait what dimension he can bring to his role. The most surprising of all the characters is Michael Jordan who plays The Torch. In the comics, Susan and Johnny are bothers and sisters, so

for the movie, they had to drastically change the plotline to follow the siblings ticket as Jordan is African American. We?re excited to see how the character pans out because of this change, but his powers still seem the same.

And of course, as with the original Fantastic 4 core plot, Doom (wasn?t supposed to be DR. Doom?), played by Toby Kebbell looks like a worthy nemesis.

As this is an ?origin? we?re excited to see the Fantastic 4 in a much younger vibe, and we think that it?s a great idea to work on the plot where the heroes get their powers from another dimension (the Negative Zone), instead of outer space ? this part of the story adds a better depth to the movie.

Not so Fantastic

The trailer left us wanting for the powers of Marvel?s First Family. Although there were snippets of their capabilities, we thought The Thing looking like a big pile of rocks was just wrong.

The general environment was also quite sinister ? why? The Fantastic Four was never been known to be a dark and brooding bunch, but we get that impression from the trailer.

One things is for sure though ? this version of Fantastic Four is going to be so different, that we will definitely watch it in August this year.

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