Fantastic Beasts Box Office Performance: Harry Potter Spinoff Appeals To Adults

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Based on the amount that the film has earned during the weekend, Fantastic Beasts box office performance is terrific. According to reports, the Harry Potter spinoff debuted to $75 million. Fans who did not miss the film are reportedly aging followers of Harry Potter.

Sixty five percent of the population who have already watched Fantastic Beasts is over 25 years old. The film?s relation to Potter definitely makes it appealing.

Almost 20 years had already passed since Harry Potter was introduced in the pop culture scene. Harry Potter is a boy wizard. He is the lead character in J.K. Rowling?s highly applauded novel.

The best-selling novel inspired a movie in 2001. Its franchise has earned $2.5 billion globally. From then on, Harry Potter themed park rides and a wide array of merchandising have sprung.

Avid fans of Harry Potter are now adults. It is not surprising that those who rush to see Fantastic Beasts are grownup Potter fans.

President of domestic distribution at Warner Bros, Jeff Goldstein believes that the audience will become more youthful next week. By Wednesday, 75% of children will be on vacation. On Thursday, that hits 100%. Thus, it is expected that younger audience will have the chance to see the movie as schools let out for Thanksgiving, boosting the Fantastic Beasts box office numbers even more.

Fantastic Beasts Vs Harry Potter

There is a central difference between Fantastic Beasts and its Potter predecessors. Fantastic Beasts is completely populated by grown-ups. Meanwhile, Potter films followed the lead characters? journey from pre-adolescence to young adulthood.

According to a report, The Sorcerer?s Stone drew an opening weekend crowd that was a third children. The said film was the first Potter movie.

As for its sequel, Chamber of Secrets, 60% of its audience were under the age of 15. Prisoner of Azkaban, on the other hand, drew a debut crowd that was 60% under 17 years old.

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