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Fans To Choose Contents For Dead Island 2 Collector?s Edition!

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Deep Silver has recently announced the coming of Dead Island 2.

In an official blog post of PlayStation, Deep Silver, through Jan-Eric Lauble (Creative Producer) and Carsten Lindner (Producer) said, ?Right after the release of the original Dead Island we started working to create a true sequel of our beloved franchise to bring the shared open world survival experience with its visceral close combat, amazing setting and the awesome four-player co-op to a whole new level.?

What’s more interesting now it that, Deep Silver wants Dead Island 2’s Collector’s Edition Content to come from the ideas and suggestions of the game’s ultimate fans.

Deep Silver is now seeking ?fans’ votes on the things that they want to see in Dead Island 2’s Collector?s Edition.

“Let us know what you want in a Collector’s Edition, and we will select the most popular items to create a unique Collector’s Edition for Dead Island 2 that matches what YOU want,” Deep Silver announced.

If you’d remember, this has been Deep Silver’s tactic, used in Dead Island Riptide and also in Saints Row IV.

Players can join the survey and vote on things they want to see in Dead Island 2 Collector’s Edition?where there are 28 featured items to choose from. However, this community survey will only be until July 14.


? California! Vast exploration and outlandish survival, welcome to the Golden State as zombie playground.
? Characters! Choose from an elite crew of heroes who are immune to the zombie virus and eager to run headfirst into the apocalypse.

? Combat! Fight against hordes of zombies as well as human enemies – visceral melee combat at its best.

? Crafting! From motorized grinders to electric machetes, decide how you want to dismember these zombies.
? Co-op! Seamless zombie multiplayer evolved for up to 8 players, letting you drop in and out of shared survival adventures.

For more information about Deep Silver?s Dead Island 2 Collector?s Edition, stay tuned with us!

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