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Hello my fellow gamers. This was never meant to be an official post, but I figured I might as well share my thoughts with you all. Better than sending them out into the vastness of the internet to be lost amongst the clutter.

I decided to check the internet for the status of the Tekken co-op and Mokijin patch because I felt like being lazy and didn’t want to actually turn my PS3 on. What I found were conversations on the patch itself and what they would have preferred to have been patched versus what’s actually getting patched. For awhile the conversations made valid points, but just like always some fanboy had to add their 2 cents.

Mr. Fanboy blames Tekken 6’s faults not because of lazy developers, but because of the 360. How is it the fault of the 360 that Tekken 6 is missing a lot of features there were in Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection? T5DR’s file size with all of the gallery items included is less than 1GB. In my opinion there shouldn’t be any problem “squeezing” all of Tekken 6 on a DVD versus a Blu-ray.

In all of my complaining about Bayonetta never did I blame the 360. How can a piece of hardware be at fault for what humans do or don’t do? In hindsight Bayonetta is a better than awesome game that I’ll be getting a platinum trophy for tomorrow. Even after getting all of the trophies there are still plenty of unlockables for me to acquire and it’s going to take a while for me master the game. I think what stands out most is that I want to master Bayonetta.

People really shouldn’t blame PS3 or 360 for the way a game turns out on release day. Put that blame where it belongs — with the developers and publishers who get lazy and half ass their work. Don’t put out a crap product and then you won’t have to spend another 3-6 months playing catch up trying to patch a game. Maybe hitting a specific release date is more important that putting out a quality product, but what do I know.

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