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Famously Single’ Finale: Scandal, Truth Bombs To Be Revealed By Aubrey

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Famously Single

?Famously Single? finale is set to expose a huge scandal and who?s fated to stay single. Aubrey O’Day is dropping truth bombs which got something to do with her boyfriend Pauly D. According to Aubrey, it is legendary.

In June, Pauly D dished out how he was so much in love with Aubrey. He shared plenty about her and revealed that he had introduced her to his family, plus secrets on how they were able to keep their love alive.

Now fans could expect a shocking revelation during the Famously Single finale on Tuesday. A clue is that it was something we have already seen exactly eight years ago in the Jersey Shore house. What makes it really exciting is that most of us would never have an idea that this still exist until this very moment.

Based on the teaser, Aubrey was with Brandi Glanville, Jessica White, and Somaya Reece as they sit, enjoy drinks and catch up with each other. She said they will get something to eat, have a few drinks and talk about his boyfriend because that?s what bitches do on a girl?s night.

As their conversation go, everybody?s attention was focused on Aubrey. Then it happens all of a sudden that Aubrey dropped an outrageous truth about her reality TV star beau. When she was asked if she likes it, Aubrey said it triggers the right spots.

Aubrey also revealed that she is happy and that Pauly is really getting it now. She also shared that he starts sending her some really sweet text.

However, Brandi is apparently not very happy with all that Aubrey shares, saying she is an over sharer. Right now, we doubt that Brandi could ever be happy for Aubrey.

Catch the season finale of Famously Single on Tuesday at 10:00 p.m. ET on E. But before you do, be sure to check out this clip that predicts how things are going to get hotter.

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