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Family Life in Skyrim: Skyrim Mods to Help You Raise a Family

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Skyrim Mods to Help You Raise a Family

If you?re looking for a game with dragons, a medieval feel to it, and war, then Skyrim is your bet (notwithstanding those other games with dragons, and war, and…). A game this visually stunning took us all by surprise. Bethesda Softworks, the game developer, is by no means a lightweight in the gaming arena. While they may have been around for a long time, the title that they are most associated with is the Elder Scrolls series, the latest of which is Skyrim.

If you?re thinking that Skyrim is all about heroes running around slashing things, you?re hugely mistaken. While the main premise is that it is a man?s game, and the hero does look like a hulking specimen of a fine Norseman, the game does have a few surprises in store. In particular, these surprises are multiplied a thousandfold with the help of modifications, or mods.

These mods are diverse, ranging from the simplest (3D Maps) to the complex (a game-spanning civil war). Still, there are other mods which add ?depth and a human side to the almost Terminator-like main character. Here are some mods which expose the softer side of the Dovahkiin, however hard he tries to hide it:


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-?????? Marriage Mod: To Have and To Hold

Ah, love blossoming in the time of conflict and dragons. Sounds like the premise to some bad B-movie, doesn?t it? Well, this mod aims to be more than just that. This mod overhauls the vanilla marriage system Bethesda has incorporated in the game. Don?t like your spouse anymore? That?s fine. The mod has a system in place for re-marriage in case the Dovahkiin just doesn?t love his or her spouse anymore, or if his or her spouse dies in an untoward incident during questing or at home. That?s not the sole feature of this mod, though, as there are also radiant quests connected which helps your spouse live in wherever home you do, including faction houses.


credits to NexusMods

credits to NexusMods

-?????? My Home is Your Home

A more specific mod to enable your spouse to live anywhere you do, this mod also fixes the default home where your followers can live. Technically, your spouse is recognized in-game as a follower as well. If you decide to live at Breezehome or in the wilderness in one of the Hearthfire homes, you can set through an in-game dialogue if your followers, including your spouse, live there as well.


credits to NexusMods

credits to NexusMods

-?????? Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions

Now that you?re happy with your spouse in your home, something seems lacking…the pitter-patter of little feet! With this mod, you become father to a brevy of children, be they the vanilla children in-game or children that are included with in this mod, including a Khajiit child! This mod also includes a link to mods that make it possible for your home to hold such a huge family.


credits to NexusMods

credits to NexusMods

-?????? Custom Family Home

If you don?t have enough time to look for mods that support the addition of a large family to your in-game home, this is the mod to help you do that. This mod adds an option to your character to move your family to an already existing home in-game, be it a modded home or an already existing vanilla home (Breezehome, Lakeview Manor-unmodded). The option exists in the form of a spell, or a shout, which enables you to customize where your children will sleep, if you want to bring your steward, housecarl, and bard to your house, etc.


credits to NexusMods

credits to NexusMods


-?????? Adopt Aventus Arentino

One cool mod ?allows you to adopt Aventus Arentino. If you didn?t know already, Aventus Arentino is the kid living in Windhelm who asks for the help of the Dark Brotherhood in killing Grelod the Kind. Once you?re done with the quest, the option for adopting Aventus Arentino appears with this mod in place.

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