?Family Guy? Season 15 Spoilers: Kyle Chandler, Stephen Curry, David Tennant, Other Celebrities Coming to the Show

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Family Guy Season 15 is set to be released on September 25 on Fox. The Griffin family is about to embark on many misadventures once more. This is all for the glory of television. The 15th season promises more stars to appear.

It was reported by Entertainment Weekly that stars such as Kyle Chandler, David Tennant, Flea and Stephen Curry are going to lend their voice for the show.

Kyle Chandler as Chris? Coach

One episode will be entitled ?Bookie of the Year?. This is where Chris gets suddenly aggressive. This gets Peter and Lois to look for an outlet for him. They were surprised to find out that Chris is a good baseball pitcher. Kyle Chandler will be voicing his high school baseball coach.

It has been revealed at Comic-Con that in the episode, Peter and his friends would start betting against Chris in his games. But as soon as they discovered that he actually has talent, they may bet on him. Peter, wanting to win bad, would ask Chris to throw the championship game.

Rob Gronkowski Party Bus

Another expected episode would be Rob Gronkowski playing himself moving in Quahog in the same neighborhood as the Griffins. This pleased Peter at first but Rob Gronkowski?s party lifestyle took its toll pushing Peter to plot to get rid of him.

Other Episodes and Star Appearances

The first episode of Family Guy Season 15 will show Stewie and Brian forming a band for children. They would develop a thing for the same girl thus the band would face a breakup. In the same episode, we will also see Chris getting a job as Quagmire?s personal assistant in his sex life.

Speaking of Quagmire?s sex life, there will be an episode of him discovering Tinder. He also found new work and became a gigolo. In one episode, we would see Peter and Lois join the anti-vaccination movement.

Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers will have a cameo. Stephen Curry will play himself in one episode. Also, Doctor Who actor David Tennant is expected to appear with his Doctor character. Check the Comic-Con trailer here.

All in all, the Family Guy Season 15 is shaping up to be a fun one. Catch it on Fox on September 25th.

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