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Fallout The Frontier: Launch Trailer, Expansion Mod Release Following Soon?

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Fallout The Frontier

Fallout: New Vegas has received the attention of most modders compared to other RPGs in Bethesda?s lineup. That being said, the game?s modding community has continued to grow despite the game?s age of more than six years. The massive mod called Fallout The Frontier should kick off any day now.

Fallout The Frontier is one of the most talked-about mods made solely for Fallout New Vegas. In fact, the team behind the massive project have officially released a new trailer. It has been under development for over a year according to the premiere trailer which was released back in 2015.

Fallout The Frontier New Trailer

Fallout The Frontier

As can be seen in the video below, the mod could be considered an expansion. Furthermore, the mod is set in the ruins of Portland, Oregon and involve an empty massive vault. In addition, the mod also involves outer space.

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Moreover, Fallout The Frontier is prepared to take the players out of the Vegas? desert environment. That being said, players are moving to the colder climates of the Pacific Northwest.

As can be seen, the base game Fallout New Vegas is completely renovated. Hence, the mod would definitely give the players a totally different experience.

On the other hand, the overall mod is approximately 75% complete. And at the present time, scripting needs the most attention. Fortunately, former Fallout New Vegas players will be able to use any existing character from the base game.

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The mod is a 16 km square map that features new weapons and creatures. And of course, an entirely new storyline. Furthermore, Fallout New Vegas players have a massive mod selection to keep the game packed as good as new.

The Project Brazil Fallout New Vegas Mod

In addition to the upcoming The Frontier, there is also another ambitious fan-made mod currently known as The Project Brazil. The said mod will provide 16 new main quests, a few side quests and a lot more.

At the present time, these endless creations can only be possible on PC. In fact, Bethesda?s latest Fallout game also features a massive variety of mods and these massive expansions are free.

Furthermore, Fallout The Frontier appears to be coming soon. While the developers didn?t provide a release date, the brand-new trailer could indicate that it may be soon.

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