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Fallout Terminal Featured In CNN’s Coverage of Russian Hack

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Hilarious as it may seem, CNN did illustrate the hacks committed by the Russian government using a footage from a Fallout Terminal. The similarity appears to have been noticed by a Redditor named Poofylicious. The said Redditor has also put together an explainer which can be found below.

Fallout Terminal Used By CNN To Represent ?Hacking?

As can be seen in the image below, it clearly represents the interface that can be found in any terminal in multiple Fallout games. The said footage occurs right around a minute into CNN?s video representation of Russia?s hacking issue. As the presenter discusses Donald Trump?s reaction to the hacking issue, a glimpse of the said hacking terminal is shown.

Fallout Terminal

A lot of people made fun of CNN, given that they used the command prompt from one of Bethesda?s famous RPG games. In addition, the soon to be United States President Donald Trump ironically said that the computers have complicated people?s lives very greatly.

He also added that the whole age of computer has made it where nobody knows exactly what?s going on. What President-elect Donald Trump had just said clearly represents what?s exactly happening at the present time.

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Other Reports That Has Been Unintentionally Related To Gaming

Apparently, CNN isn?t the first network to incorporate games into their reports. Several years back, a report by the BBC used Halo?s UNSC symbol whilst talking about something related to United Nations. In addition, the child soldiers from the Metal Gear franchise have been used in reports regarding actual child soldiers.

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Broadcasting news related to computer hacking and algorithms can be a bit difficult. It?s pretty understandable given that computers are complex. Some parts of the computer are so complex they even sometimes seem like magic.

Furthermore, people who are genuine hackers will surely have a laugh at this whole ordeal. On the other hand, representing an unrealistic way of hacking that originated in a game to a serious political matter would surely humor a lot of people, especially the ones who play them.

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