Fallout Shelter Update: Players get a Christmas Update from Bethesda

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Bethesda Game Studios, publisher and developer, rattles the gaming world once more as it releases the latest Fallout Shelter update. This Christmas, hobbyists and enthusiasts will certainly thank Santa for this perfect holiday present.

Here are things you probably want to know:

Fallout Shelter updates: Christmas themes

Expected to be just a nice complimentary free-to-play game, Fallout Shelter became an instant fiasco that eventually earned the title of the most played game in the post-apocalyptic franchise. It garnered over four billion play sessions, according to Game Rant.

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Per the same source, Bethesda incorporated yuletide decorations, outfits, and quests in the new Fallout Shelter with a Christmas twist. Well, of course, just as the holidays come and go from time to time, theses updates are only available for a limited time. Nonetheless, it is still unclear how long they would be active.

To give you an overview, some of the features are:

  1. Santa hats wrapped on the corner of Nuka Cola machines
  2. Elf costumes
  3. Advent wreaths hanging on the walls
  4. Paper snowflakes and
  5. A tall Christmas tree

Also, if you?re keen, you will see one of the televisions in the Vault playing Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

Fallout Shelter update: Thanksgiving & New Year

Given the short attention span of people nowadays, game developers need to add something fresh to lure the market and make their franchises running for a long time.

Fallout Shelter Update

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Thus, aside from the Christmas special of Fallout Shelter, Bethesda also released another update last Thanksgiving. It included a new location, the Cave, which was described as a ?dark and mysterious? place.

It displayed Thanksgiving outfits found in lunchboxes too. For the record, the company is planning to unveil its New Year-themed content anytime soon.

Fallout Shelter is available on iOS, Android, and?PC. It is the pioneer mobile game by Bethesda, per Game Spot, but definitely not the last.

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