Fallout Shelter Tips: How To Get Rare and Legendary Loot For Your Vault

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A Fallout Shelter glitch allows you to get legendary weapons or items by merely confusing the game to think the dwellers have been travelling outside for decades. Playing the game the conventional way is difficult if you aren’t equipped with enough Fallout Shelter tips.

No downloads or hacks are necessary to take advantage of this as you only need to send your dwellers to the wasteland for over two hours and personally force the glitch to give you rare loot. In a nutshell, the longer your dweller travels the wasteland, the better items they find.

Here is how you can get legendary loot easily for your vault:

  1. Have only 1 dweller in the wasteland
  2. Have him travel for over 2 hours
  3. Check the time your dweller received his previous loot (eg. 1:48)
  4. You will receive your next loot in an hour (eg. 2:48)
  5. Be prepared for the loot drop (eg 2:48)
  6. If your dweller received the loot at the expected time (eg 2:48) or earlier, then you need to try again. If not, you can now take advantage of the glitch.
  7. You have a time-window of 15 minutes to make the most out of the glitch. Each?dwellers sent in the wasteland may receive legendary loot.
  8. Drag two dwellers into the wasteland. Do not waste your time in equipping them with a weapon, outfit, or medical equipment as you will only be sending them out for less than 15 minutes.
  9. After sending out your dwellers, go immediately to the main menu and exit the game. Make sure that the game is not running in the background.?
  10. Check your game again after 5 minutes, and if you haven?t received any legendary loot yet, send two more dwellers and log-out of the game and exit it for another 5 minutes. If you still haven?t received any, send out another two dwellers and repeat the process.
  11. Check your game after 5 minutes, and now, one or all of the groups you sent-out may now have acquired the rare gear.

This glitch gives you rare loot because you trigger the game to think that your dwellers have been travelling for an indefinite period of time in the wasteland. Each hour your dweller travels in the wasteland, the possibilities of them finding legendary loot increases.

Take advantage of this bug now before Bethesda Game Studios patch the game. (Note: Bethesda has been quick in taking down leaked gameplay videos of Fallout 4 which forced fans to put the Gamescom 2015 leaked trailer in a porn website).?Numerous other bugs and glitches are also present in the game; however, none of them seem to be beneficial to the player.

Fallout Shelter is now available for Android and iOS devices, but you can also play the game on PC via our guide.

If the Tinder ads haven?t gotten you interested in the game, you can checkout our game review here to understand what the hype is about. If you?re struggling in the game, you can check our basic tips and tricks.

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