‘Fallout Shelter’ Tips And Tricks: Hacks To Get The Most Out Of The Game

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Now with Fallout Shelter getting an Android treatment, here are some tips to help start on becoming the Vault Overseer.

Fallout Shelter has elements from the Fallout games that will make any fans go excited on it, for a game that focused more on micro-management on your every own vault but with a hint of Fallout. We made some tips to help you start off on creating your massive Vault to survive the post-apocalyptic world.


Fallout Shelter Tips: Know your dwellers

Be sure to know every parameters before assigning any dwellers in specific tasks. Always be wary of the SPECIAL parameters:

  • Strength ? better place them on Power Plants
  • Perception ? best in handling Water Treatment Plants
  • Endurance ? Good in exploration
  • Charisma ? Put them on the Radio Station
  • Intelligence ? best in Medical Bay or Science Laboratory
  • Luck ? better chance in rush options or getting rare items in exploration

If you place them in their suitable tasks, it will improve your vault in maintaining steady amount of electricity, food and water as well as getting great loot in exploration


Plan your Vault layout

Always plan your layout well, otherwise it could lead to poor productivity. Combine two of the same rooms to combine them; leading to a much better production rate. Also place the most important rooms, like the power plant and cafeteria near the elevator for faster access whenever a crisis occurs in the affected rooms.

Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade

It may be expensive to upgrade, but once you invest on upgrading in your rooms, you will get a great boost. But be sure not to upgrade very often, as it will be difficult to maintain a higher production rate when you have fewer dwellers

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Always be prepared for Raiders

You will never know when these raiders will show up, and it?s quite a headache to deal with them. They usually run around your vault and attack your dwellers, if you don?t take them out fast, it will affect the whole operation of the vault. So be sure to have a sturdy vault gate by upgrading it early, and arm your dwellers with weapons, also be sure to place your strong dwellers at the gate or near the adjacent rooms.

Explore the world

Once in a while, send a dweller with high endurance to the outside world to explore. This can get you items such as weapons or even Caps (the currency in Fallout Shelter). The higher the endurance of a dweller, the longer he/she can survive during their exploration. Oh and be sure to equip them well with armor and weapon.


Keeping everyone happy

One of the important parts in Fallout Shelter, make sure all of your dwellers have high happiness rating. Not just it affects your dweller?s health, it can provide boost to your production rates. So make sure to keep an eye on your dwellers, try placing them on jobs that they really like, or place them in recreational areas when their happiness level drops.

So there you have it, we hope you have a great time playing Fallout Shelter. You can download the game for free for the Android or iOS. If you have some cool tips and guides for the game, you can share it to us by leaving a comment below.

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