?Fallout Shelter? News: Single? Bethesda Asks You To Date A Dweller Via Tinder! Stats Reveal Critical Addiction To Mobile Game

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Fallout Shelter Tinder ads are filling-up the dating website as?the game?s developers want people to ?date a dweller? instead of real human beings, and it makes sense as Bethesda?s stats suggests some players would rather play the game than interact with others.

According to IGN, the Fallout Shelter ad acts like a real Tinder profile which turns-up in users? Tinder matches. You can swipe left or right and if you do the latter (meaning you like the person/dweller) it takes you to the download page of Fallout Shelter.

The reception of Tinder users on Bethesda?s #DateADweller campaign has been generally positive so far:

Vault Boy, 25, might have turned-up on the Tinder matches of a Forbes writer as he took a screenshot of his romance profile:

Vault Boy Romance Profile

Gamespot was endeared by the message of this dweller below who says: ?If love was a radiation, I?d need a box of RadAways.”

Gamespot said Bethesda may be open to same-sex relationships as both male and female matches appear. Furthermore, a Vault Tinder page is also being promoted by Bethesda.

Fallout Shelter Stats Reveal Gamers Are Addicted

Countless Tinder users unaware of the game may also be pooled into Bethesda?s stats in the game?s debut month alone which shows nearly 1.1 billion total sessions played as well as 29million hours played.

?With a speed of 36,000 mph, you could have traveled round trip from Earth to Mars 10,863 times,? the infographic?said.

Fallout Shelter Stats

Fallout Shelter Infographic. Photo Lifted from Android Authority.

Also revealed were nearly 21.1 million dwellers who died exploring the wasteland. Maybe a lot of users still haven?t read our Fallout Shelter tips and tricks? Or maybe they purposely killed them because they were frustrated by the game-breaking bug and other bugs that continues to plague the game?

This highly successful free-to-play mobile game which was created to tide players until the release of Fallout 4 has racked $5.1 million on its first two weeks, research firm Super Data said.

Fallout Shelter has been available for iOS users since June 2015 and just this August 13 for Android users.

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