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Fallout Shelter News: Players Frustrated With Absurd Difficulty And Daily Objectives, Fans Stop Playing The Game

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Are you enjoying Fallout Shelter so far? Numerous players are already voicing their resentment for the game not only because of the game?s difficulty in the latter levels, but also because some of the daily objectives feel absurd with rewards that will not justify your efforts.

Fallout Shelter

Numerous Fallout Shelter players on Reddit have posted a screenshot showing that players will only be rewarded by a mere fifty bottle caps for killing deathclaws without a weapon, Kotaku reported. You?ll have to defeat them unarmed and it?ll likely cost you more to revive your dead dwellers. If you?re dwellers aren?t strong enough, the deathclaws may even circle throughout your entire vault and kill everyone.

Game Is Too Difficult?

Numerous players have also stopped playing the game after their entire vault kept being invaded. Some players said that mere radroaches were able to wipeout their vault. However, it?s more painful for some who had their vault invaded consecutive times by deathclaws.

Dealing with deathclaws is truly difficult if your dwellers aren’t properly equipped and if you don’t have?enough stimpacks. Maybe Bethesda should patch the game already? Or maybe more players should have tried our Fallout Shelter Hacks on how to get legendary loot so they can easily protect their vault?

Pay To Win?

Bethesda previously said that they did not create Fallout shelter as a cash cow to rake in money, but instead to bring more awareness of the brand, Gamespot reported. ?This is not about making money. This is about getting Fallout out there,? Fallout 4 director Todd Howard previously said. Despite this, Bethesda has earned $5.1 million for the game?s first two weeks debut on Apple devices alone, Forbes reported.

Numerous people think that Fallout Shelter is a pay to win game because of how necessary it is to buy lunchboxes in the game.

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