Fallout Shelter Android iOS Version Glitch: Bug Removes Your Save Files, Here?s How To Save Your Progress, and Claim A Refund!

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A Fallout Shelter bug has reportedly been plaguing both android and iOS users which nastily resets or deletes your Vault?s progress. Your efforts spent on acquiring bottle caps and upgrading your vault and dwellers will be lost if your phone stops while playing Fallout Shelter.

Losing your progress?is not only the heartbreaking thing as?you also won?t be able to use the lunchboxes you bought with your real money. No amount of Fallout Shelter tips and tricks from the game will help you get your money back.

Here?s how to get a refund if the bug has just affected your vault:

Fallout Shelter Save File?Permanently Lost? How To Prevent?

According to Forbes, the bug results to an ‘irreversible loss of progress’ as it turns your save file to a clean slate of 0 kb.

Unless you have backed-up your save file to your to a physical storage or through cloud, there is no way for you to retrieve your progress, a reddit post said. There is also no way to prevent this bug from?happening until Bethesda releases a patch.

In lieu of this, saving the game from time-to-time is your best bet so you won’t start from scratch if the bug happens to you. This Reddit thread teaches ways on how?to save your file in case you’re wary of the bug happening to you.

Hot To Get A Refund?

According to IB Times, players who lost their save data but spent real money to buy lunchboxes can avail of a refund. It however takes up to 14 days to arrive, they reported.

Here are the steps on how to get your money back according to Coconnuttery:

  1. Click the icon on the right of the affected item
  2. Click ?Report a problem
  3. Choose the last option in the drop down
  4. Describe the save game corruption bug and that you want a refund
  5. Submit

What Causes Fallout Shelter Android iOS?Bug??

The bug ?happens when your mobile device?turns-off while playing the game, Forbes reported. If this happens to you, when you boot-up the game, you will start Fallout Shelter in a blank state. This means you will have no vault to load at all.

Other Bugs?

Aside from the game-breaking?bug and the bugs that pest your dwellers in Fallout Shelter, numerous bugs continue to plague players. As Bethesda has reportedly fixed the?permanent pregnant dweller bug in a firmware update recently,?we wonder when will Bethesda will these problems:

If you haven’t played the game yet, will you still try it despite knowing that there’s a Fallout Shelter bug?

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