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Fallout New Orleans Rumors Unlikely Due To Bethesda’s New Game

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Fallout New Orleans
Source: Fallout New Vegas E3 2010 Official Trailer video

As of E3 2017, the rumored Fallout New Orleans title in Bethesda’s reveals. While it still has a chance of being revealed in a future conference or event, Wolfenstein 2 already took New Orleans as one of its main settings in an alternate reality America. Validity on rumors surrounding Fallout New Orleans sounds unlikely now that another Bethesda game is set in this location.

Wolfenstein 2’s New Orleans

As seen in the Wolfenstein 2 trailer’s Youtube description, one of the mentioned cities is New Orleans, which is the rumored setting for Fallout. Wolfenstein 2‘s plot focuses on an alternate reality where Nazi Germany wins the war and occupies America instead.

It’s possible that the Louisiana Stamp notes that hyped up the Fallout rumors could be pertaining to the new Wolfenstein game. Additionally, having a fictional version of New Orleans would be seen in this upcoming title and it would be a waste for Bethesda to reuse the same setting for two games.  For now, fans can only wait if Wolfenstein 2‘s portrayal of New Orleans will be successful. Bethesda might reuse the setting if Wolfenstein 2 fails to give a lasting impression to this city.

Fallout E3 2017 reveals

So far, the only Fallout reveal this E3 is Fallout 4 VR. It features some new content for Fallout 4 and allows players to experience the game in VR. Bethesda didn’t tease other Fallout spin-offs or even a mobile game update in their shows. Fallout New Vegas wasn’t even mentioned or hinted at Bethesda’s E3 presser.

Fallout New Orleans Leak

Information about Fallout New Orleans started from an expunged copyright claim. Apparently, a “Fallout New Orleans” copyright has was made in Europe. However, the copyright was soon expunged out of the European site. Bethesda has yet to claim if they own the copyright for Fallout New Orleans. Since then, many series fans were hyped about this Fallout entry.

Fans even expected to see Fallout New Vegas developers, Obsidian Entertainment, to continue the series as Fallout 4‘s narrative quality felt flat. New Vegas was lauded for its well-built game world that many enjoyed exploring. To the fans’ dismay, Obsidian Entertainment announced that they’re currently working on Pillars of Eternity 2  instead of this title.

Release Before The Next Elder Scrolls

The Elder Scrolls franchise has always been Bethesda’s strongest IP due to its popularity and quality. Bethesda’s Pete Hines told GameSlice in an interview that Elder Scrolls 6 will only see the light of day after they have released at least two of the major titles they are working on. VR rereleases aren’t counted in this list. If this is the case, Bethesda’s idfSoftware revival games and good spin-off releases could easily fill up this spot. Bethesda might even pursue the Fallout New Orleans concept if they really need a great title to appetize fans for the next Elder Scrolls. Currently, Fallout New Orleans doesn’t officially exist yet. However, a Fallout spin-off might be picked up if Bethesda wants to flex their story muscles again.

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