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Fallout New Orleans: Obsidian Denies Rumor?

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Fallout New Orleans

The rumored Fallout New Orleans trademark has already initiated many waves of speculations in the game industry. Now, after posting an image on Twitter, Obsidian Entertainment has strengthened the discussions about the upcoming game, but it seems that the studio put the rumors to end.

The Fallout New Orleans rumor suggesting the development of a new game came as no surprise because there have been talks about Obsidian developing another title like Fallout New Vegas. Fans have been speculating on the possibility of another Fallout game from Bethesda and Obsidian Entertainment. Some players requested Obsidian for comment and in response, Obsidian on its Twitter account posted a picture stating ?very doubtful.?

This is not clear whether the developer?s statement was towards the Fallout New Orleans trademark rumors or something else fans are not aware about. The conversation on Twitter goes on with many comments from players and the developer itself. Fans are puzzled as the message doesn?t clearly convey the thoughts of the developer. Some fans believe that Obsidian has clearly denied the possibility of a Fallout New Orleans release, while the others say that the company has just left a clue that something is happening.

No matter what fans make out of Obsidian?s tease, it has been confirmed that the company is aware of the rumors and is willing to work on a new Fallout project. Earlier this year, a fan shared the screenshots of his chat with the developer. Obsidian Entertainment said that the studio is ready to work on another Fallout title if Bethesda approaches them.

Bethesda has not confirmed anything related to any new Fallout game. The studio is currently focused on the next DLC pack it is releasing this year. There are chances that something might come out in the upcoming months, or at least an announcement for a new kind of experience for players.

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