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Fallout Movie Confirmed By Bethesda?

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Few games are as immersive as the Fallout series, particularly the more recent installments under Bethesda Software like Fallout 4. The company brought the series to new heights by giving players a huge open world ripe with exploration. Now it seems like a possible Fallout movie is in the works, if the recent comments made by Bethesda producer Todd Howard mean anything.

According to Cinema Blend, Howard recently turned down a number of pitches for a Fallout movie, stating that none of them were as good as the games. Since the post-apocalyptic movie genre is populated with titles like Mad Max and the Hunger Games, it?ll be hard to pitch something different for a Fallout film.

Howard also stated that he?s still open to making a Fallout film; it just has to be as good as the source material. It seems like he?s waiting for that one pitch he wants to say yes to, which is a wise decision on his part.

The history of video game movies isn?t a particularly good one. Films like Street Fighter are laughably bad, while the Super Mario Bros. movie was just strange and wasn?t even faithful to the source material.

In recent years it would be easy to assume that the Resident Evil film series is the ?best? one, since a new one will be coming out soon and it has spawned numerous sequels that have added characters from the games, despite not pleasing critics. While the film series has moved on from zombies in recent years, people still pay to watch them, with each installment making a good amount of money.

There is also a highly anticipated Assassin?s Creed movie scheduled for next year, with X-Men star Michael Fassbender in the lead role. The film looks remarkably close to the Ubisoft series, and a lot of fans are hoping it will be good.

Until an official Fallout movie is made, fans will have to trust Howard on his judgment. He clearly wants to do the series justice, so we?ll have to wait and see if one eventually comes. ?

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