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Fallout 5: Why They Should Venture Out of Its American Setting

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Fallout 4
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Bethesda’s Fallout series has all of its games, major events and conflicts to be set on the territory of the United States of America. However, it has yet to expound the scope of its story even though it has a rich backstory. Bethesda could definitely take a shot at going out of America for Fallout 5.

Stuck in America

So far, the Fallout universe stretches beyond America as Bethesda explained how its setting came to be. Before the wastelands, the Fallout universe starts on a history similar to ours but just differed in political ideology. The Cold War conflict never really ended and the countries eventually launched nukes at each other that ruined all of Earth. However, Fallout keeps most of its stories within American territory where new governments, states, factions, and groups rise up from the ashes of pre-war civilization. In a way, its long time fans, could easily see faction conflict and interaction a mile a way for its future entries.

Make Way For Other Countries

More than just America, other countries like Russia, China, Europe and the Middle East were also considered as a major figures in the pre-nuclear wasteland Fallout world. Bethesda could actually visit these other regions and see how they’re doing after the nuclear fallout. However, Bethesda has yet to openly mention if these regions had a contingency plan to survive a nuclear war. Fallout’s America started the Project Safehouse to save some of their citizens from the nuclear blasts and fallout.

Bethesda’s Progress

Anyhow, Bethesda has been able to deliver on their games in terms of narrative content. Players are entertained as they have a wealth of choice on interacting with the NPCs and shaping their character’s importance in the game world.

As of now, the latest entry, Fallout 4, delivered a large world but not to the caliber of the previous entries. Bethesda really needs to deliver on the next Fallout to make it up to their fans.  For now, the company seems to be focusing on making new titles for older first-person shooter games like DOOM, Quake, and Prey. We may have to wait until Quake Champions’ release to see  what’s in store for Fallout 5.

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