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Fallout 5: Where Should Bethesda Set The Game?

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Recently, it was rumored that Bethesda is interested in developing another post-apocalyptic adventure with Fallout 5. It?s also said that development on the next entry in the Fallout series is already in the pre-planning stage. With Fallout 4, being such an amazing title, fans can expect that the next entry is another memorable game.

Fallout 3 featured the Lone Wanderer on his Journey through post-apocalyptic Washington D.C. And in Fallout: New Vegas, the Courier struggled for survival in Las Vegas. While the latest entry, Fallout 4, had the Sole Survivor scour every nook and cranny of Boston in search of his son. ?Bethesda has done an impressive job of reimagining great cities with a post-apocalyptic look and with Fallout 5 in the works, what city should Bethesda tinker with next?

New York

New York has been the setting for a ton of titles including a wide selection of Spider-Man games and with current gen titles like The Division. The towering skyscrapers of New York city could be a good setting for the Fallout franchise as players will really see how deep humanity has sunk with a great city now in tatters. And who else would like to see how the Statue of Liberty stood her ground against nuclear bombs.


Part of the core gameplay mechanic of the Fallout games is its gunplay. What better way to have shoot outs than in the Wild West? This will be a pretty good theme for Fallout as the post-apocalypse bring out bandits and heroes alike, just like in the Wild West. Aside from gun showdowns and duels, it?ll also be nice to mount horse. Or in Fallout?s case, Ragstags.


The Fallout lore tells the story of how the world succumb to a sad state after the bombs fell during the Great War. All the Fallout games have been set in America, and maybe it?s about time to see what happened on the other parts of the world. For starters, Tokyo, Japan will be a pretty good setting for Fallout 5. We could see the post-apocalypse?s version of samurais! It?s also easy to imagine the Yakuza as being one of the factions.

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