Fallout 4 Tips: Carry Weight Tricks To Help You Travel Without Being Over Encumbered, Using Drugs, Lone Wanderer, And More

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Fallout 4 Tips For Carry Weight

Having problems with Carry Weight in Fallout 4? There?s several tricks you can do to prevent yourself from being over encumbered in the game so you can safely fast travel back to your settlement. Here?s our Fallout 4 tips on how to carry all your junk without being over encumbered.

Fallout 4 Tips: Strength Stat

Do you want to raise your carry weight capacity the normal way? Each stat point you give to your Strength will increase your carry weight by 10. You can also acquire the Strong Back perk which increases your carry weight by 25 at rank 1 and 50 at rank 2.? Rank 3 of the Strong Back perk will allow you to run despite being over encumbered and rank 4 will allow you to fast travel.?

Lone Wanderer Perk

Fallout 4 Lone Wanderer perk

Only satisfied with having Dogmeat as your companion? The first rank of the Lone Wanderer perk will allow you to increase carry weight by 50 and take 15% less damage. The second rank increases your carry weight by 100 and take 30% less damage. Take note that taking other companions with you except for Dogmeat will null the Lone Wanderer perk, The Guardian reported.


Don?t want to invest in any stats or perks to increase your carry weight? Then start getting high on drugs to help your character feel strong for a limited time. Chems such as Buffout, Bufftats, and others can help you increase your carry weight capacity for a limited period of time, Attack of The Fanboy reported.

Companions As Junk Storage

Companions aren?t just valuable allies in battle, they can also be used as your junk and items storage. Just talk to your companion and ask to trade items and fill them with all your excess items. If the game says your companion can?t carry items anymore, try giving them lighter items. There?s also an infinite?carry weight exploit where you can ask Dogmeat to fetch items and he?ll get to carry it even if he is already over encumbered.

If you?re gaming on PC, you can use console commands to help you carry everything you want (although Bethesda discourages?using console commands). Fallout 4 is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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