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Fallout 4: Things that could Ruin the Game

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Fallout 4 is one game that appears to have been a long time coming.

The fires were stoked way back when Bethesda announced on their blog that they were hosting an event at the E3. It?s apparently the first time that they?re doing this, so it?s big news among the fans who are waiting for word about their beloved Fallout franchise and its latest incarnation. While we discuss that, we take a look at this What Culture article about the evils Fallout 4 might fall prey to.

Aside from that, we also discuss possible scenarios which may lead to a real world version of the post-Apocalyptic game. The world, as ever, is always on the brink of a nuclear holocaust. Will it be US or China?as in the game?that pushes the wrong button? Will North Korea or a terror group in the Middle East play the villain? Even as we hope that doesn?t happen, we take a look at the possible scenarios.

A Multiplayer Fallout

One thing that would be strange for the Fallout series would be a multiplayer Fallout.

Ever since Bethesda got Fallout from its original developers Interplay, the series had been delightfully single-player. It had worked great for Bethesda so far; further evidence can be seen in their The Elder Scrolls series. It?s always worked very nicely that bringing it to a multi-player flavored game would be taking away some of the things that Bethesda fans have liked about the series.

Bugs, bugs, bugs

For what kind of game would it be if not for the existence of bugs?

Bethesda?s games have been buggy things since they were first packaged. As it appears, that?s not about to go anytime soon?unless, of course, Bethesda decided to make their games under a new engine. It may not be fair, but Bethesda?s game engine may have seen the most of its service life. It?s exciting to think that Bethesda may be introducing a new, less buggy version of Fallout in E3.

Equally Buggy A.I.

This part could either work for you or not.

The AI, which has been for the benefit or the chagrin of the player, could also use some work in the new Fallout. In most of Bethesda?s games, the AI accounted for some funny times?that time when the dragon completely ignored you to focus on an elk, or when the Raiders assaulting you got stuck among a stack of cars, making for an easy, messy kill. It might be a good thing to change the AI to make the new game more interesting.

Vehicles in the game

Having played the game, I get what Bethesda is trying to do in this lore.

The Fallout being a reference to the nuclear war that happened between forces of Red China and the US, it makes sense for most of the cars not to work. There could have been lots of atmospheric nuclear explosions that rendered lots of cars ineffective due to an EMP warfare of some kind. But at least, an analog vehicle?perhaps a motorcycle??might have survived that, and it makes sense to include it in the new Fallout game.


There are a lot of possibilities?exciting ones at that?that the new Fallout game could become an instant classic. Bethesda could also stand to take a look at some of the newer game engines (Nemesis system, anyone?) so that Fallout 4 will indeed be a different game altogether. Whatever the case, it certainly will be an exciting wait all the way to E3 2015.


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