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Fallout 4: They Say It’s Coming, They Say It’s Not

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A celebration of sorts–Fallout: New Vegas poster [Fallout|BethSoft]

Another day and we are once again treated to a fresh round of Fallout 4 hoopla.

The rumors and discussion about the Fallout franchise just won?t stop. With Bethesda announcing that they would be hosting an event at the E3 this 2015, the rumor mill has been running non-stop with news that this year just might be Fallout 4?s year. Fallout 4, in contrast, has been the subject of many a hoax article that said they had direct sources which claimed that Fallout 4 is coming this year. It appears that they might or might not get their wish, considering Bethesda?s information this coming E3 2015.

We take a look at this The Fuse Joplin discussion about Fallout 4. We say ?discussion?, because there is no other Fallout 4 official news other than the one coming from Bethesda. This is just another speculator discussion that Fallout 4 might not be coming this year after all?even as this item from Game Reactor promises that Fallout 4 would be making an E3 splash this year. It all just seems so confusing, isn?t it?

Fallout 4 isn?t coming?

As it appears, Fallout 4 fans will still be left wanting at Bethesda?s E3 event.

That?s what this Fuse Joplin article suggests. Fallout 4, while its development may be confirmed at Bethesda?s E3 spread, will not be confirmed?at least, the release date of the game won?t be disclosed, the article says. That?s not a good thing as it also claims gamers are tired of waiting for the game, but then again, that?s just thinking out loud. The voice of the gamers might not be that at all, but what do we know? The same article also claims gamers are still holding on to their copies of Fallout 3 and New Vegas, and that this is just fine.

However, it?s high time for the fourth game of the series to come out. Perhaps Fallout 4 will be featuring some changes and improvements, most of which weren?t available on previous titles because of probable short-comings in terms of hardware capabilities.

But wait?it is coming?isn?t it?

We have another discussion, but this time, it focuses on the positives.

This article which comes from Game Reactor EU focuses on the possibility that Fallout 4 may be coming at the E3 this year, where it would be revealed. Bethesda has since said on its blog that it would be at the E3 this year, but as to what will be happening there, not a word was said. Perhaps it?s Bethesda?s way of hyping people even more so that they would attend the event. Nevertheless, expectations are high that at last, Fallout franchise fans will be able to figure out if the game is coming or not.

Until we see what Bethesda is cooking up for the E3 2015, these are mere speculations and rumors about the game. What could happen, though, if Bethesda doesn?t say anything about Fallout 4 at the E3? That could be interesting.

Fallout 4 Hype-machine

All these discussions and rumors about Fallout 4 are fueling a hype that is working in Bethesda?s favor. Will there be a reveal about the game, and will the release really be confirmed? We have no idea. As always, we should trust Bethesda?s judgment and wait and see what they will do about the Fallout series and the E3 2015.


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