Fallout 4: Theories on the Release Date and Gameplay Scenarios

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Fallout 4?s release is a certainty, or so they say.

Things kicked up into high gear once Bethesda announced on their blog that they will be present at the E3 2015. A lot of people will surely sign up for that, but the biggest draw ought to be the impending launch of the new Fallout 4 game, the newest game to come out for the post-apocalyptic RPG. The game had been long-awaited by fans of the franchise, wanting to see how the Wasteland will continue to develop even as mankind rises from the ashes of nuclear war and the harsh radioactive landscape.

Since then, there had been a lot of discussions about the game. Here are two of the latest discussions about the game?one of them coming from Movie Pilot, discussing something about the game?s launch date and more about the gameplay, even as this report from Gaming Bolt does the same. Citing Shadow of Mordor, will Fallout 4 benefit from the innovation brought about by the gameplay of this Lord of the Rings game? We?ll never know until we find out.

Fallout 4: The Launch Date Cometh

Nothing?s been said so far as the launch of Fallout 4 is concerned.

With Bethesda still getting ready for E3, people are still up in the air about when the game will be released. There will always be sites looking for something similar to a launch date, but at least, Fallout 4 has a possible revelation in the E3 2015. The Movie Pilot article preferred to check in on the gameplay that this upcoming sequel might have. Movie Pilot cited Fable and the Witcher as good examples to emulate, specifically the karma system where the protagonist?s decisions in-game will have consequences in the course of gameplay.

That worked great for Fable, Witcher, and a little bit for Star Wars, where your actions deemed whether you were a symbol of morality or an avatar of evil. It would make for an interesting plot, although Bethesda will obviously have the final say as to how Fallout 4 might come to be, eventually.

Something about that Shadow of Mordor?

Shadow of Mordor, as per Gaming Bolt, emerges as another example worth emulating.

Fallout 4 is riddled with a lot of choices here and there as to where to move and what actions you will be doing in the Wasteland. Gaming Bolt thought the Nemesis system was a perfect fit for the game. The Nemesis system, as per the article, would enable the protagonist?s choices as he traveled through the wilderness to have an even greater, far-reaching effect. It would also make the protagonist be able to influence the width of influence of whatever faction he was helping.

It?s a nice enough thought. What if you helped the Enclave to even further prominence? What if the Brotherhood of Steel emerged as the ruling faction, thanks to your help? As long as Fallout 4 is still some time away, the possibilities are endless.

What Surprises are There?

We might be in for a surprise once Fallout 4 rolls around. What does the game hold in store for us? Hopefully, it?s a game that?s made with all the brilliance Bethesda was known for when they released games such as Oblivion and Skyrim available to the public.


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