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Fallout 4: More Stories as E3 2015 Nears

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Bethesda?s trail of breadcrumbs is becoming more obvious as E3 2015 is looming closer.

Of course, anything that comes out before Bethesda announces something shouldn?t be taken as truth but it?s hard not to. In this news from Express UK, it appears that signs are coming from everywhere but Bethesda themselves. Changes from the invite to clues embedded within a game are looked at and discussed.

This one from Autoomobile covers another announcement coming from a voice actor from the series. However, while ?ThreeDog? voice actor Erik Todd Dellums did issue some tweets in the past?reportedly about Fallout 4?this one comes from a different voice actor from Fallout 3 and previous titles before that.

Bethesda?s Supposed Bread Crumbs

There are a lot of articles out there that had things that Bethesda ?supposedly? said. Perhaps, these three are the closest that comes to an official release from Bethesda.

According to Express UK, Bethesda?s invite; the line leading to the Vault in Bethesda?s website; and a Nuka-Cola dispenser found in Wolfenstein: The Old Blood were clues as to what?s the fate of Fallout 4. Questions that should be asked is will Fallout 4 revisit the Vaults once again? Perhaps we?ll know as E3 2015 rolls around.

The invite supposedly left the question mark to signify something else other than the attendance of people who want to see what?s coming. Are these the breadcrumbs that people have been waiting for since the first rumor of Fallout 4?

?Fallout 4 from the eyes of Another Voice Talent

Fallout 4?s fate gets another ?confirmation? through another voice actor.

Erik Todd Dellums?more commonly known to Fallout fans as ThreeDog?has tweeted about his participation in another ?Bethesda project? in the past. Whether it was Fallout 4 wasn?t clear?until Paul Eiding, according to Autoomobile citing Redditor ?weeurey?, decided to shed more light about it, reportedly.

According to the report, he finished three characters from a game among the four franchises that he worked on. That is as close as saying that one of those games might be Fallout 4, but until Bethesda reveals anything, take it with a grain of salt.

What?s Coming in E3 2015

There are a lot of games that?s sure to surprise during the annual gaming expo, but to Fallout fans, the revelation of Fallout 4 might be the sweetest prize. Will there be fireworks during Bethesda?s E3 event? We can only hope so.


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