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Fallout 4: Crazy Fan Ideas

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Nothing like another day of discussion to ease the wait for Fallout 4 to arrive.

Fallout 4 has been as good as confirmed?perhaps?since Bethesda blogged on their own site last time that they will be having an event at this year?s E3. Having an E3 show is almost a precursor to a big reveal?there have been other games which had done this, like Shadow of Mordor, Far Cry 4, and other games like it. Bethesda hosting an E3 show is like a sneak preview that they will indeed be bringing something big to the event, and that something big is speculated to be Fallout 4.

It?s for that reason that we are taking a look at these articles which has Fallout 4 at the forefront of their discussions. This first article, from IB Times India, speculates that since Bethesda is revealing Fallout 4 at the E3, is a Spring 2016 release for Fallout 4 far behind? Also, we take a look at What Culture?s article about some fan-demands. Will these demands be met, or will Fallout 4 just keep playing to its groove? Let?s find out.

Fallout 4?s Arrival

As far as Fallout 4 speculation is concerned, MrMattyPlays and Shinobi602 are authorities on the subject.

At least, that?s what the IB Times India article is telling us. Citing MrMattyPlays and Shinobi602, Fallout 4 is arriving, and there?s reason to believe it would be announced at the E3 2015. MrMattyPlays says that it?s a possibility; Shinobi602 prefers hyped speculation. So which of them should we believe? It?s safe to assume that they?re leaving that to the fans of the series.

While these two might hit the nail on the head, they are by no means Bethesda. Will we be seeing a Fallout 4 announcement at the event, however? It?s still a far-cry, but history points that Bethesda might announce something significant at the event. That?s always been the case for developers who host events during the E3.

Fans Demand the Craziest Things?or do they?

This What Culture article brings to us some fan demand which may not be as far-fetched as they seem.

While it seems the demands border on the insane, there seem to be reason behind wanting a crisper, cleaner game. As per What Culture, the demands of gamers?no loading screens, lesser glitches, and an entire city to explore?all of this reside within the region of the doable. It?s entirely possible for Bethesda to be able to give all these things, just that they need to buckle down and fix Fallout 4 the way people want it to be fixed, no matter how backed up they get in terms of releasing the game.

So will this mean that Fallout 4 will finally be a bug-free, seamless experience? That?s up in the air still, as the game will first have to be announced as coming.

Will this finally be the Fallout 4 Announcement?

There seem to be no point to a Fallout 4 no-show at the E3, especially with Bethesda hosting an event just to announce what gamers perhaps know about already?that Wolfenstein and Doom is coming. We are on the brink of a crossroad, and we?re going to see whether Bethesda plays their cards right.



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