Fallout 4 Settlement: Why You Need Power And Electricity Inside Your Village

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There are a lot of intricacies on how to power electricity and various devices in Fallout 4. Power has a lot of uses in improving the look of your Fallout 4 settlements and it is also needed for your defenses, television, terminals, recruitment radio beacon, and more. You?re basically missing a lot of things if you don?t know how to connect electricity in your Fallout 4 Settlement.

Fallout 4 Settlement:?Sight & Sound

Power is need to activate various lights for your settlement. Without it, you?ll always end up using your flashlight whenever you?re entering your house at night. You can even use lightboxes to make something like this giant penis or a fire spewing Mario.

But electricity isn?t just for looks. It can also be used for an auditory spectacle. Connecting speakers to pressure plates enables you to make something like this giant powered speaker piano to play songs like Fur Elise, Mario Theme Song, and whatever song you want.


Some turrets do not require electricity to operate. But you?ll severely miss out on the bevy of defensive devices available such as spotlights, laser turrets, traps, and more. You can also use flamethrower defenses to fry Raiders.

Terminals, which use electricity, can also toggle which defenses are turned on. You can even program your spotlights to focus on you to make you feel as if you were a star on Broadway.


Do you want more people? to stay inside your settlement? Well, you?ll need a Recruitment Radio Becon. Recruitment Radio Becons require electricity to function.

If you still don?t know how to connect electricity inside your settlement, you can read our basic Fallout 4 settlement guide on how to bring forth power in your village. You can also read our guide on how to steal without being detected, how to find your missing companion, and how to hack terminals easily.

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