Fallout 4 Secrets: Terminal Log Confirms Underwater DLC? Battles Against Underwater Synths And Irradiated Aquatic Habitat?

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There are a lot of interesting stories revealed via terminal logs in Fallout 4. But a recently discovered terminal log reveals more than just the nuclear catastrophe as it hints of an aquatic life in the game along with planned experiments underwater. Is this a confirmation of a Fallout 4 underwater DLC?

Fallout 4 Secrets

A Reddit user has found a terminal log where The Institute details their planned seabed operations. Aquatic creatures that are highly promising to be experimented on include genus delphinues and the genus Carcharhinus, the log says.

The log also reveals that they can do more things underwater than just experiment on the aquatic habitat. The Institute is also planning to grow food underwater and develop underwater synths.

?What else can go in the aquatic habitat? Can we grow food there? What other experiments could we do? Could we develop underwater synth models.?

A Reddit user has recently discovered buildings and structures underwater. Someone has also discovered a Harpoon Gun which has a?bubble animation when attacking, leading many to belive that?that there might have been underwater battles planned initially or Bethesda plans to include it in an update. So is this recently discovered log a hint for an underwater DLC in 2016?

?What to create? We?ve engineered creatures that inhabit the sky and the land ? the next logical step is a creature of the sea,? the log said. You can check the screenshots of the terminal log on Imgur.

Another Discovery Underwater

It looks like players are now scouring the depths of the ocean to find the secrets it hides. A Reddit user swam in the ocean just to find a ?dirty water? inside a Lunch Pail. Well it?s certainly better than nothing.

Have you found more Fallout 4 secrets underwater? Fallout 4 DLC will be released sometime in 2016. A season pass for the game is available. Fallout 4 is available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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