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Fallout 4: Russia? China? North Korea? Game Location Theory and Exisiting Tech

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Fallout 4 is one of the most discussed-games today, what with the impending arrival of Bethesda at the E3.

While it?s been obvious for quite some time that Bethesda will indeed be at the E3, the question of what game will be the centerpiece of that E3 is still open for debate. Most pundits point to Fallout 4 as the game that will take that podium, given that their other games?Wolfenstein, for that matter, as per Bethesda?s blog?have already been announced. They?re virtually non-secret projects which Bethesda doesn?t hold back at when it comes to revelations and such stuff.

So what about Fallout 4? As there are no other official confirmations yet, we take a guess at where the game will eventually start from?the first shot fired. The countries in real time that could play a role game-wise are the usual suspects?Russia, China, even North Korea. Also, we take a look at this The Week UK article about the Apple Watch?kind of reminds you of something important in the games, doesn?t it?

The Shot that rang around the World

The Fallout series is essentially a picture of what the world could look like should all the countries with nuclear arsenals pull the trigger. But in the game, China was seen as the main enemy of the US, seeing as Russia?still the Soviet Union in the game?managed to broker an uneasy truce with the US.

So where will the next game?s first fire be heard? China is a good bet, since it?s been talked about and was confirmed as canon in Fallout 3. However, after all, Russia can be considered as turning traitor and raining a nuclear holocaust of chaos in the US. Don?t count out North Korea. Bethesda could draw inspiration from the relations that the US currently has with these countries.

The Apple Watch?Fallout Technology?

In the Fallout series, each survivor living in the vaults are given Pip-boys upon their reaching a certain age. It was a precursor to giving the player skill points which he could distribute to gain various skills.

While the Apple Watch, currently being prepped for a massive April launch?as per The Week UK?, is no Pip-boy, there are vague resemblances between the two. Both are wearables, and both contain apps that are useful to the wearer. Would the Pip-boy in Fallout 4 be similar to the Apple Watch and other wearables coming out today? It might be, as Bethesda or the developer could take a page out of these designs.

Fallout 4 and the World

The Apple Watch and the situation concerning the US and other countries slightly mirrors that of the game-universe USA. Is it a foreshadowing of the times? While Fallout 4 may come and turn out to be an entertaining game, let?s hope that the game universe remains just that?a game.


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