‘Fallout 4’ Rumors?

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Fallout 4 (Image Credit Machinima YouTube)
Fallout 4 (Image Credit Machinima YouTube)

There was an ongoing buzz for a while regarding the announcement of Bethesda?s Fallout 4 this coming Gamescom. There are tons of rumors revolving about the game going to be officially announced at the said event, or at least Bethesda would give its fans some sort of teaser.

As how many game rumors are talked about as yearly events like E3 draws near, a lot of people are also jumping on the bandwagon of ?Fallout 4?s announcement?. While Bethesda is indeed going to make its appearance at this year?s German gaming convention, there?s little to no sign of Fallout 4 tagging along with them.

Several people on Twitter have been asking Pete Hines about updates or news regarding Fallout 4, but he gave them nothing, but a blunt reply that only the ?Evil Within? and ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) will be their main focus for the event.

To debunk these rumors, he concluded his response with a ?Now you can stop wondering? message.

Fans might switch their hope to other events like Spike?s VGA or QuakeCon (yes, they might be THIS desperate), still, it is safe to say that regardless of how many false rumors, leaks or blog posts for this year, there?s no way that we?ll learn about any new post-apocalyptic open-world shooter from Bethesda. The best bet we can count on might even be E3 2015.

To ease some virtual pain for the fans, it is good to know that Bethesda?s Tom Howard once said that they prefer to surprise gamers rather than letting them bite into chunk-sized bits about any upcoming game, so even if there?s no official talk about Fallout 4, we?ll never know until they actually surprise us with it.

The latest Fallout was well received that it sold 4.7 million units worldwide and all that in its first year. There is no official announcement about Fallout 4, but fans can pretty much feel it in their guts that there?s something in the works and it should be the 4th game in the series. However, we really can?t expect Bethesda to show us something or anything about it until 2015.

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