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Fallout 4 Rumor Round-up: News to Come from Europe?

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Another round-up of rumors for everyone?s favorite Fallout 4 game!

Fallout 4 had been extensively covered as of late, and even more so because it?s 2015; according to what hoax article from hoax sites who report things they?re not supposed to, this is the year when Fallout 4 is either a) going to be released without the knowledge of everyone or?perhaps?Bethesda themselves, but with full knowledge of some Iranian newspaper (?) or b) the game will announce that they?re coming, forced by a website about K-Pop into doing so.

However, enough about that and let?s discuss Fallout 4, not claim fake news about it. In another rumor that?s keeping the mill buzzing, people are looking at a game convention and an industry-only event in Europe as the places to watch out for, as per Game Ranx. In another article that comes from Fuse Joplin, we explore the close relationship between Doom and Fallout 4. If they?re being developed by Bethesda, can it be that they?re going to share the same announcement date as well?

Doom and Fallout 4 Released at the Same Time?

Other games being released aside, Fuse Joplin is listening for even a peep from Bethesda about these games.

Fallout 4 and Doom are games which are under Bethesda?s development, and it looks like they?re keeping mum as they?ve always done before. However, you do need to consider that Bethesda?for the nth time?is not yet ready to reveal anything about these games. It could be that they?ve focused on the development of just one property?whether that may be Fallout 4 or Doom. It could also be that Bethesda decided to focus on both the games at the same time, which is why it?s taking them too long.

Whatever the case, only Bethesda?s word for the games should be trusted. It only falls on us to speculate?not announce ?officially??how these games are really doing.

Pete Hines? Euro-Trip a Controversial One?

A harmless European trip won?t catch anyone?s attention, but not if you?re with Bethesda; especially not if you?re Pete Hines.

In another round of fresh rumors from the You Tuber MrMattPlays, Pete Hines? trip to Europe is something to watch out for. As per Game Ranx, Europe is the place to be if you?re looking for a gaming event to go to. First off, there?s the Casual Connect event, a game-con that?s for industry players only; there?s also Beatcon, which is as close as players can get to a game convention this early in the year.

Will there really be anything to look forward to in Europe? It seems pretty sketchy, but you never know. If there?s any event to look forward to, it?s Casual Connect, although it?s not open to the general public.

Will Rumors ever cease?

Until Fallout 4 rolls around, it is doubtful that rumors and false claims of a release will ever cease. In the case that Fallout 4 ever does roll around, though, then these rumors will shift into coverage about the game and how close it is to an actual retail release. That is only a testament to how big Fallout 4 has become and how awaited the game is.


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