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Fallout 4 Release Date And Bonus: Multiple DLC Packs And Season Pass Announced Ahead Of Launch! Price And Other Details Here!

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With Fallout 4 just months away from releasing, fans of the game just can?t wait any longer. So for those who are just dying to get their hands on the new game from Bethesda, we have good news just for you: the company has already announced its plan to make multiple DLC packs and an exciting Season Pass that should grant you access for all of them by just spending less than $30, according to Geek Snack.

An overwhelming amount of hype is spreading about the much-awaited open-world RPG from Bethesda, a mobile game called ?Fallout Shelter? is already killing reviews with its awesome gameplay while a Monopoly game, inspired by the Fallout series, will be launching next month to keep the fans from paying attention before the big release.

A recent report indicated that the Monopoly Fallout edition was recently announced at the Gamestop Expo with a Twitter feed to support its reveal. The following caption from the Tweet was ?When Fallout 4 monopolizes family time, you can always bust this out.? If you are curious on what the game box would look like, one of Shacknews? writers?posted the image?on his Instagram profile that was shown at the Gamestop Expo, when an Instagram user asked about the expected release date for the Monopoly board game, a representative from USAopoly hinted that it will be available on November and of course, will be a Gamestop exclusive, check out this link for more news on the Monopoly Fallout edition.

With news spreading about the Season Pass, it seems like they?re trying to torture us instead of keeping us calm. According to CDKeys, their Fallout 4 Season Pass will be available for just $23.28. Check out Fallout 4 when it releases on November 4.

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