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Fallout 4: Reddit talks about Wolfenstein and a Revivable Wasteland

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Another hot item from the land of the Fallout discussions comes our way.

Reddit?s been the place to go since Fallout 4 hasn?t been announced as of late. But now that it has been at least hinted at by Bethesda?s appearance at the E3, the excitement for Fallout 4 has only multiplied. There had been interesting entries in Reddit so far?thoughts of what Fallout 4 may be like, places to be explored, and more gameplay to be expected. As it appears, the list tends to go on, and it doesn?t run out.
Here are two entries coming from the Reddit lands; one of them talks about the fact that Bethesda?s E3 might not be all Fallout 4. There are other games that Bethesda is developing in its capacity as a third-party game studio, and both of these games could very well be revealed at the E3. Another thing that people should look out for, if Reddit is to be believed, is the possibility that Fallout 4 might turn out to be a game everyone?s been waiting for?a game that would make past Fallout games pale in comparison.

Castle Wolfenstein?another look

One Redditor, username Poogmaster1999, talks about Bethesda revealing Wolfenstein.

As this Redditor revealed, Wolfenstein just became a thing after Bethesda talked about it on their Instagram. There?s reason to be excited, he says, as the announcement regarding Wolfenstein isn?t at all surprising. Bethesda has said that Wolfenstein will be revealed anyway, and that this means the game to watch out for will be Fallout 4. That?s a good thing, isn?t it? Fallout 4 is still the most talked about game of Bethesda, and they haven?t revealed anything just yet.

Will this mean that perhaps we will be seeing more of Fallout 4 as the months pass? It?s almost a certainty, although people are hoping that Fallout 4 will be announced, or else, one Redditor suggested sexual violation of his ass.

The Events leading to the Rebuild of the Wasteland

Wastelands are such a terrible thing to waste?pardon the pun.

Another user on Reddit, one mulldoon1997, suggested that perhaps this will be included in the game. It?s a fact that in Fallout, the protagonist always faces off with facets of what he?s supposed to be doing. Is he going to kill? Is he going to save? As per the Reddit, however, the protagonist should have among his quests the chance to save the Wasteland. A little cleaning here and there goes a long, long way, and perhaps it?s high time that he took responsibility for his actions.

At least, a quest should be in place to make a town in the Wasteland livable, kind of like the quest to disarm the bomb Megaton has sprung up around on. Should this be a part of the game, or should the game just focus on the protagonist dispensing justice his own way?

Fallout 4 Arrives

The arrival of Fallout 4 appears to be unhindered and is on its way truly. How would people respond to a game such as this? Will they take to the game if there ever happens to be cars as well as a cleaner Wasteland in it, or will they be clinging onto the lore of a barren landscape? We?ll see how Bethesda or the developer of the game manages to make it interesting.


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