Fallout 4 Quest DLC Update: Tips, Guide & More

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Bethesda?s Fallout 4 has indeed become a household name among gamers across the globe. It has already released several DLCs since its launch last year, and next month, it would again have another add-on called ?Nuka World.?

According to reports, the upcoming DLC is going to be the last one for the game. It is expected to hit the market next month, August 30 to be exact, as what Steam has leaked. However, the release is still not confirmed by the developers. The add-on is said to feature new regions with an open wasteland and park zones to explore. It is going to cost about $27.00.

Although fans would definitely want to get their hands on the DLC as soon as possible, there is still a possibility that the game is going to be available in the first week of September. But on a good note, whether it would be launched in the last week of August or first week of the following month, it is still less waiting time for the gamers.

Meanwhile, prior to the release of the last DLC of Fallout 4, there is also one coming this month called ?Vault-Tec Workshop.? The add-on will place the players in the role of overseer of a vault and their main job is to build the ?perfect? vault.

Speaking of ?perfect,? its description is going to be up to you. You will have the liberty to create a true utopian society that will stand out among all post-apocalyptic vault dwellers. Also, gamers will have the chance to see as to what extent they can push their citizens? limits, of course it is only if the move is going to be approved by Vault-Tec.

The DLC is going to hit the market on July 26 and is expected to cost $4.99. Steam is already offering a pre-order now so gamers, what are you waiting for? Visit the site now and buy the add-on.

There you have it! Key details about the upcoming DLCs of Fallout 4. How about you? What do you expect of the upcoming add-ons of the game? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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