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Fallout 4: Possible News includes Location Change and Launch Event Magnitude

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Fallout 4 is coming, and it?s coming soon?although it might be sooner than everyone thinks.

That, at least, is what most everyone is thinking since Fallout 4 decided to arrive in the form of a growing whisper turned into a loud declaration. That is at least what the impending announcement?apparently?says, or at least, what the announcement by Bethesda says. Bethesda has announced before, on their blog, that they will be holding an event at 2015?s E3. That is about as close as we?ll ever get to a hint regarding Fallout 4.

While we?re waiting, here are at least discussions full of speculations and whatnot coming our way. There?s this Cross Map news about Fallout 4?s possible locations. While others point toward Boston, these presents at least two places which could be used?Chicago and NYC. This article from the Fuse Joplin, however, prefers to play the doubting game, trying to think that Fallout 4 may still at least not happen.

Possible Locations and Announcement Scale

If this Cross Map report is to be believed, then we?re looking at two new locations for Fallout 4.

While the game may possibly be coming this E3, that doesn?t stop people from speculating that it will actually have at least two other locations. The Cross Map report?citing MrMattyPlays of YouTube?that the game was indeed headed for the E3 2015. Other reports coming from IB Times, through Cross Map, indicated that the game was coming in a different form?from Boston, the sites were said to have been NYC or Chicago.

It?s a nice thing to speculate, but it?s just wrong to write these up as gospel truth. The clear thing here is that it didn?t come from Bethesda, so it?s just wishful thinking, The possibility of New York and Chicago being explored, however, does present a certain element of excitement to the game.

Guarded Skepticism

While this Fuse Joplin article thinks Fallout 4 is coming to the E3, it still pays to have a bit of skepticism about it.

Fallout 4 has been in the news since Bethesda blogged about their participation to the annual E3 convention, in which they will host an event. This, though, doesn?t mean that the game will indeed be coming. Fuse Joplin cited Shinobi602, a gamer who became known for his accurate predictions concerning games, but is he a credible source? Perhaps not, since the only credible source should technically be Bethesda and any company who could be working on Fallout 4.

The hype about Fallout 4 finally reached fever level with announcements such as this one. Will we be able to see or hear news about this launch during the E3? Stay tuned.

The Fallout 4 waiting game

Fallout 4?s waiting game has been a tiring one, but with news coming that they are finally going to do something at the E3?Bethesda, particularly?it might be a good time to speculate about the release. What will the game be about? Where will this chapter happen? One thing?s for sure?Fallout 4 will perhaps be epic.


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