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Fallout 4 Pip-Boy App Download Link And What To Expect: Cool Features To Watch Out For

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Fallout 4 is almost here, and to get yourself prepared, why not download the Pipboy companion app?

Yes, the Fallout 4 release is getting closer, so while you enjoy watching the newest trailer of the game, why not try downloading the Fallout 4 companion app that is now available for the iOS, Android and Windows phone.

It is more of a secondary screen for your game menu and maps, listen to the radio conversations, and even play the holotape games that you found without pausing the main game. And yes, you can use the companion app even without the wearable Pip-Boy phone case that is available for the Fallout 4 Collector?s Edition. If you are curious on what the Collector?s Edition looks like, you can check out the unboxing video from Gamespot that showcases the contents of the package.

However since the Fallout 4 game is not available until next week, you won?t be able to sync any save data to your companion app, but you can still fiddle with the app to make bleep and bloop sounds while it is in demo mode. There is a nifty bonus on the app where you can actually play a Missile Command-like game called Atomic Command, where you basically defend your base from incoming atomic bombs heading your area by blasting them from the sky.

If you want to try out the Fallout 4 Pip-Boy companion app, you can download it for the iOS and also for Android and Windows Phone. And be sure to grab a copy of Fallout 4 once it becomes available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on November 10, speaking of Fallout 4, a new trailer has surfaced just recently, showcasing what to expect on the story and more on the theme of the game, and as usual, you will be picking sides in the game for more plot.

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