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Fallout 4: PAX East the ‘Venue’ as GDC Appearance Fizzles

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A lot of rumors for Fallout 4 has happened, but so far, not one has managed to matter a lot. All of them are just that?rumors?but for sure, once the announcement is made, these would turn into articles about the game and what it might be?or the lack of it entirely. We have no idea what Bethesda or the developer making the game is actually thinking. We don?t even know if Fallout 4 will really happen?everything is just that, speculation.

It is tiring, although we are allowed to talk about it, aren?t we?

We take a look at this unsurprising article from Gaming Bolt. It is unsurprising in that it doesn?t say anything about Fallout 4 arriving?instead, it just reports on the supposed absence of Pete Hines?and for that matter, Bethesda?at 2015?s GDC. In relation to this, we take a look at one more rumor coming from the guys at International Business Times India. This one, however, is about the rumor that instead of the GDC, Bethesda?or whoever is developing Fallout 4?will choose to reveal the game at the PAX East instead.

GDC 2015 as Venue Fizzles out?

Perhaps Pete Hines is getting tired of these endless speculations and rumor-digging that?s happening.

As per Gaming Bolt, Pete Hines?perhaps in an effort to quash early rumors?has said that he wasn?t going to GDC 2015. Everyone had been hoping for some sort of confirmation from Bethesda in the said event, and as it appears, Pete Hines isn?t ready to reveal anything. It?s just like the other times when Pete Hines conveniently quashed all the rumors by saying that there wasn?t anything Bethesda was going to reveal, until such time when they think they?re ready to reveal anything.

The positive news that we can glean from this is that they are, indeed, working on something. However, before you get your hopes up and rejoice, that could mean they could be working on any other game not Fallout 4 and Elder Scrolls 6. Just saying.

?enter PAX East?

So it falls that the next best thing is PAX East.

In this article from International Business Times, MrMattyPlays?a YouTuber who claims expertise on Fallout 4 speculations?said that the events to look out for after GDC 2015 would be PAX East in Boston. As per International Business Times, PAX East is happening from March 6 to 8 of this year. However, if the trend of non-attendance at the Game Developers Conference, which is happening in March 4 to 6, is any indication, then this should be taken with a grain of salt.

As with many other rumors concerning Fallout 4, this might or might not be a foreshadowing of things. It?s merely speculation until such a time when Bethesda decides it?s ready to say whether Fallout 4 is really happening or not.

The Rumors Keep a-Comin?

The prevailing trend in Fallout 4?s universe is that if it?s not confirmed by Bethesda, then it?s just a rumor. Everything that comes out?barring any announcement by Bethesda themselves?is just hearsay. That should aid readers in discerning the true news from the speculations and?worse?the hoax that Fallout 4 is coming this year or the next.


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