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Fallout 4: Other Games Bethesda could announce alongside Fallout 4

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Since Bethesda made some noise with their apparent appearance at the E3 this year, no one has been able to sit still.

Each week, both new speculation and discussion are added to the mix, or at least, something new comes from Fallout 4?s dedicated rumor mill. It?s either Fallout 4 will be surprisingly announced this week, or Fallout 4 will at least be featuring this gameplay and that. However, it?s nice to have speculator discussions?hoax news are what we are avoiding, although there are still people out there who are willing to give out speculator news about the Bethesda game.

Here are some discussions worth taking a look at. We all know that Fallout 4 is coming, although that?s not a certainty. We take a look at this news from Gaming Bolt, which lauds the announcement of Wolfenstein: The Old Blood as good for Fallout 4. News about that E3 event comes from Gamepur and this one?s more speculation?there could be other games Bethesda will be highlighting at their event. What could those be, though? Let?s take a look.

Wolfenstein Announcement is good for Fallout 4

Bethesda has repeatedly said that Wolfenstein is headed for a big reveal at the E3.

It?s not big, as per Gaming Bolt, but that it would be announced and the announcement is already given credit to is good for Fallout 4. As per the Gaming Bolt website, that leaves less room for any other surprises and the one surprise everyone?s waiting to see is Fallout 4. Should there be an announcement, it wouldn?t be as surprising anymore, but rather, it would give fans of the post-apocalyptic shooter a reprieve and confirm what they had supposedly known all along.

It?s only logical to think that way, since pretty much most of the other releases Bethesda?s working on, perhaps, is already known. The only thing left unconfirmed is that they are or another developer is working on Fallout 4, which may or may not be good enough to have a release date.

Other Games that could be on Bethesda?s Radar

Bethesda is hosting their first-ever E3, and that?s not just because of Fallout 4.

An E3 event is a big thing, and it?s the perfect avenue for a Fallout 4 announcement. Still, with the magnitude of the said event, Gamepur correctly thought that Fallout 4 wouldn?t be the only game they could give credence to. There are a list of other games they could choose to reveal?there?s The Elder Scrolls VI, Dishonored, a sequel to Fallout: New Vegas, or something entirely new coming from Bethesda?s Studios. As they have neither confirmed nor deny anything, all that is up in the air.

What should we expect from Bethesda? Perhaps they?d go with some of these other titles, but Fallout 4 is about due and that?s what people appear to want. Bethesda knows that, clearly, and that could give way to a Fallout 4 announcement.

Fallout 4?s Time has Arrived

So are we about to see history be made?

Perhaps, it will happen?however, we have to consider that Bethesda is still the one hosting the event. While we?re all expecting Fallout 4, it may not happen, for any reasons such as the game still under development or it simply hasn?t been worked on just yet. Bethesda should know better about the game, though, and we should leave it up to their hands.


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