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Fallout 4 Nuka-World DLC: New Games, Modes, Places, Weapons and More

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Fallout 4?s much awaited Nuka-World DLC has many new things in store for us! Bethesda has revealed new details on the Nuka-World DLC. Expect new game modes, places, and weapons!

Gamers will become the Raider Overboss. They?will also be given the privilege to visit the different sites of the park. Not to mention, the new factions will be out for all inter-social mayhem. Lastly, new items will also be unleashed for everyone?s pleasure.

The park will have six areas that are unique from one another. Nuka-Town is the Raider?s main hub will also be considered the main area. All the other six areas of the park can be accessed easily from Nuka-Town.

The Raider Groups

In Fallout 4?s Nuka-World DLC, the raider gangs will be fighting for dominance in the park. The Raider gangs are split into three main groups. The Pack train animals to use in battle. The Operators are the elite who dawn themselves with stylistic armor.


The Disciples are wild crazy raiders who are always out to kill anyone and everyone. As gamers start their journey taking back sections of the park, players will be prompted to distribute them to the three factions. Player?s decisions will inevitably decide their respective relationship with the three factions.

There is much fun to be had at Nuka-World, but players are not just trapped there. As the Overboss, players can create their own Raider party and attack settlements all over the Commonwealth. With the freedom of decision, anyone can become an infamous war villain or be a pacifist negotiator with the inhabitants of the land.

Weapons Galore

Did we forget to mention that players will also get new Raider-themed guns? Players will also get a chance to use new Nuka-Cola based weapons to use on anyone and anything.

We?re still excited to try out the ping-pong paddle that came out in the trailer to electrify people. There?s plenty of new customization features to come with the DLC.

The End & The Start of VR?

FallOut 4 has been a great success since it first came out last year. Since its? release, Bethesda has already released six subsequent DLC for it. ?The Nuka-World DLC is the final DLC for the FallOut 4 game.

Although it was announced at E3 that a VR version is already in the works. Who knows, maybe another DLC will be revealed when the VR version comes out.

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